Lic Pedro Luis Cervio Fibrocartilago Triangular Anatómia Función Lesiones Referencias Complejo FibrocartilagoTriangular. Es un grupo. PDF | After a short anatomy and biomechanics review, the various triangular fibrocartilage complex injuries are defined, both from an. RESUMEN. Los ligamentos radiocubitales dor- sal y volar son engrosamientos del fibrocartílago triangular, siendo éstos los principales estabili- zadores de la.

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When a tear occurs in this area of the TFC, it typically creates an unstable flap of tissue that is likely to catch on other joint surfaces. The load transmission is directly proportional to this ulnar variance. The ulnar variance influences the amount of load that is transmitted through the distal ulna. Joint capsular plication to restore function”.

Related Radiopaedia articles Anatomy: In pronation this is reversed: Check trianngular errors and try again. Rest can reduce pain and activity can make it worse, especially with rotating movements supination and pronation of the wrist or movements of the hand sideways in ulnar direction.

This page was last edited on 12 Decemberat The connection between the distal radius and the distal ulna, maintain the congruency of the DRUJ. Canadian Journal of Surgery.

Triangular fibrocartilage

The goals of the procedure designed by Dr. Patients with a TFCC injury usually experience pain or discomfort located at the ulnar side of the wrist, often just above the ulnar styloid. With negative ulnar variance, the load across the TFC is decreased. However, there are also some patients who report diffuse pain throughout the entire wrist. Even after a short period firocartilago time fibrocartjlago ligaments tend to retract and therefore lose length.


El dolor del borde cubital de la muneca esta causado con frecuencia por roturas del fibrocartilago truangular FCT. Retracted ligament ends are impossible to suture together again and a reconstruction may be necessary.

These ligaments prevent dorsal migration of the distal ulna. Injuries to the TFCC may be preceded by a fall on a pronated outstretched arm; a rotational injury to the forearm; an axial load trauma to the wrist; or a distraction injury of the triagular in ulnar direction.

Fibrocartilago Triangular del Carpo

The central part of the TFC has no blood supply and therefore has no healing capacity. Yochum and Rowe’s Essentials of skeletal radiology. The plan The use of dry arthroscopy allows pinpointing the rupture point of the fibrocartilage more accurately than other diagnostic technics, both in the identification of pathology and in its surgical resolution.

In neutral ulnar variance, approximately 20 percent of the load is transmitted. If the fracture is treated surgically it is recommended to evaluate and if necessary repair the TFCC as well. Description El diagnostico de pacientes con dolor de muneca sin lesiones oseas es un desafio tanto para fibrocartjlago radiologo como para el cirujano de la mano.

Fibrocartilago Triangular by pedro cervio on Prezi

The central portion of the TFC is thin and consists of chondroid fibrocartilage; this type of tissue is often seen in structures that can bear compressive loads. The Palmer classification is the most recognized scheme; it divides TFCC lesions into these two categories. This test has defined stability based on age, height and bone density. Open surgery is usually required for degenerative or more complex TFCC injuries, or if additional damage to the wrist or forearm caused instability or displacement.


This central area is often so thin that it is translucent and in some cases it is even absent. Articles Cases Courses Quiz. Thank you for updating your details.

To control the forearm rotation the DRUJ acts in concert with the proximal radioulnar joint. This positive ulnar variance occurs during pronation. Injury may also occur from a distraction force applied to the volar forearm or wrist. The objectives The goals of the procedure designed by Dr. About Blog Go ad-free. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Arthroscopic debridement as a treatment for degenerative TFC tears associated with positive ulnar variance, unfortunately, show poor results. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Para la deteccion de estas lesiones se utilizan diferentes modalidades de imagenes: TFCC surgery is also indicated when conservative treatment proves insufficient in about 8—12 weeks.