Gary Gygax’s Necropolis is a vast campaign scenario that sweeps the characters into an epic adventure across the magical desert kingdom of Khemit. From a. and theLandofAegypt CampaignScenarioby Gary Gygax, the rights to whichare heldby . boldly off to the Gorge of Osiris and the Necropolis, which contains the . Gary Gygax’s Necropolis is a page adventure and sourcebook for the d20 System. It was originally released for Gygax’s ill-fated.

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It has more than pages that describe both an epic adventure and the lands of Egypt – or at least, a fantasy version of the same. With gygzx to the storyline of the module, well, it’s epic. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. And if you’re doing that anyway, then you might as well just make adventures for your homemade setting and throw this book out the window. Gygax is generally acknowledged as one of the fathers of the tabletop role-playing game.

If you’re really stuck between adventures and just need something to take up some time, this can be a nice relaxing breather nfcropolis you. Michael Gross rated it really liked it Nefropolis 02, The artwork is nicely done, black-and-white illustrations from multiple artists, embodying the “first-edition feel” that is Necromancer Games’ motto.

NPCs of Necropolis, 12 pages: Although neceopolis are a lot of undead, there are also outsiders and magical beasts for the rogue to sneak attack. The Gods of Khemit: Gygax broadly details a couple of methods for which the characters can enter the story: Most of the maps appear in the body of the adventure and are collected at the back of the book, but a few only appear at the back notably the regional mapwhile others only appear gytax the body of the adventure notably the Gorge of Osiris map.

The place is dangerous, but Gygax carefully makes it possible for the characters to succeed, even if they have been tricked into entering it.

Well, I haven’t necroopolis very much – perhaps more will reveal itself to me when I finally get to DM it, but, as of yet, not much has become apparent to my reading. It helped that they were multi-year veterans of classic modules and knew what it meant when they were going through a Gygax-written module.

Comparing it with the Temple of Elemental Evil may have some relevance – in both, the adventure begins in a small community.


Some consequences result in “irrevocable” death, with no explanation or justification for why death is irrevocable, or any reason why the players would expect or predict this in advance.

The Temple of Set, 10 pages: John Goodrich rated it liked it Apr 28, You somehow encapsulated everything I would have said about Necropolis, and then added a little bit more. Do people have gaming groups that enjoy this level of challenge? ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.

Despite the fact that nearly a year has passed, and the fact that I know that such a download has been written, it has yet to appear on their website. Another big plus for this type of adventure design is that the most powerful spells are NOT the massive-damage, massive area-effect offensive spells that some players tend to overuse. In the same section, a room has an alarm trigger that causes “the employment of magical forces outside [the room] to change the hue of the lighting in the chamber within and also make a plangent sound emanate from the gong in the library Area Rahotep’s Tomb, 58 pages: I think the average party level starting Necropolis should be closer to 12 – and even that should be with a minimum of six party members.

The module is ripe for plundering ideas and full adventures for DMs wanting to add some Egyptian flavor to their campaign.

Necropolis (Sword & Sorcery): Gary Gygax: : Books

Though the book is huge, the adventure feels really short. As a consumer with sagging bookshelves who despises books that use excessive font sizes, margins, and so forth used as “padding” to inflate page count, this is a plus in my book. Inexperienced players are likely to find this adventure too difficult without much adjustment of the challenges on the part of the DM; however, it is a superb challenge for experienced players.

Its not much of a spoiler to reveal that the bulk of enemies faced in Necropolis are undead, and combined with the arbitary traps, it seems that most rogue just get to plink away for 1d6 damage a round. Apostolos Kotselis rated it it was amazing Jan 17, With the wealth of source material contained in the latter third of the book, the DM has quite a bit of material to ggax from.

I’ve tried to shy away from giving too much away of the adventure details, but it’s worth mentioning the Temple of Osiris section.

For example, in the final tomb of Set-Rahotep, as you progress you may activate certain curses whose effects will vary depending upon whether or not you possess evil items from earlier in the adventure; you actually want to be holding these to stave off the ill effects.


There are some puzzles or challenges that simply don’t have enough “set-up” for the players to be adequately prepared for them, requiring the DM to either let them fail or be a little generous with hints. Players may complain about the high difficulty levels and DCs of some of the thornier parts of the module, but in every case I found there was some sort of Achilles Heel usually several the players could exploit through cleverness and “thinking outside the box”.

The rest of the book is taken up with the maps, pictures and the legal appendix. Many times it requires the players to pick up on subtle hints or clues from earlier patterns or tidbits of Khemitian culture and history that they pick up during the earlier parts of the games. Refresh and try again. Many of the worst traps and fights can be avoided simply ggygax the party sticking to their mission plan, and not getting so greedy that they are poking around at everything in hopes of finding nexropolis treasures.

For the Necrpolis to decide. Can the characters thwart the plans of Set-Rahotep himself? Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. First, I have not thoroughly looked through Necropolis; I’ve only read it in a store.


If prior Egyptian adventuring is required, anybody have any suggestions on modules to get characters from 1st to 10th level in an egyptian type setting? From there, the characters will set out necrppolis the main place of the adventure: Though the overall thrust of the adventure is linear, many of the stops along the way are full-sized dungeons in their own right, with several avenues of exploration available.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Based upon the reports I have heard and my own playtest experience, many of the most powerful spells in this adventure are actually divinations and other “utility”-type spells, as well as defensive spells like Death Ward.

Gary Gygax is back!